Wildlife in Watercolour

Last year, I began to produce work which I could display and sell in the Cafe, where I work.

Another local artist who has displayed her paintings before I did, paints characters from Beatrix Potter, Winnie the Pooh and Wind in the Willows. They are beautifully finished watercolours, so I wanted to produce paintings that wouldn’t look out of place next to hers, but would still be distinctly my own style and subject matter.

Naturally I settled on animals as my inspiration, and watercolours to add a bit of colour and life. I picked animals with interesting patterns and colours, like tigers, giraffes and flamingosTiger 2


Penguin - Learning to Fly

Giraffes became a favourite of mine, I found their patterns challenging but fun to paint, trying to make the different yellows, oranges and browns compliment each other for good results was rewarding. And I enjoyed giving every animal life and expression, imagining them having their own personalities.


The giraffes became the most popular of the paintings I sold and displayed, I was even lucky enough to have a customer commission one specially when she found I’d sold the one on display.

Selling my paintings in a local Cafe is a small step into the art world, but a step none the less, and it is a reason to keep producing, practicing and improving which is never a bad thing.

And an evening spent painting after a long day at work, reaffirms why I love producing art in the first place, its my happy place.

Until next time! Thanks for reading





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