Dapper Penguins – First Doodle of 2016


It was a quiet evening after a long day at work, my sketchbook was on the table and a pencil was in my hand. 

Pretty soon a pair of cheerful penguins appeared in light pencil, greeting one another happily on the page. 

They decided their meeting required an outfit a little more dapper, so I penned them both a top hat, monocle and walking stick each, and they both went on their merry way.

I’m not entirely sure why this ended up as my first sketch of the year, it’s funny where the mind takes you when you decide to draw for the fun of it. I’ve had a couple of people say they remind me of the penguins in Mary Poppins, so I was probably channeling my inner child in some way 😛

I’m sure there will be many more sketches, random and planned in the next year. Time to fill up that sketchbook!




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