Illustration Escapades of 2015 – Expressions… a throwback

When it comes to drawing and creating characters and expressions, I have always been inspired by animals. We always had dogs while I grew up and I was always intrigued by the idea that in order to understand their personality and their feelings, I had to rely on other indicators beside language, like how they move their ears, their eyebrows, and their tails. I drew people too, but I made a more conscious effort to develop my ability to draw animals more so than people.

Tattoo request – 2011
Character design – early 2011

In late 2011, after I finished the first year of my degree, I made the decision to practice drawing people more. I took inspiration from Disney for the style and developed characters from Harry Potter based on how I imagined them from the books. It took a lot of trial and error, but I enjoyed the challenge and I was pleased by how they turned out.

Late 2011

Since then, I have made more of an effort to practice people. I still turn to fanart as an excuse to draw people, its a lot of fun to put your own twist/style on a characters portrayal. And as an aspiring illustrator, my favourite books, programmes and films can be a huge motivation.

Merida 2012
Merida 2012
Random sketch 2012
Random sketch 2012
Red Dwarf 2013
Red Dwarf 2013
Under the sea – 2014

Of course, there are exceptions to the fan art Under the Sea was inspired by a trip to an aquarium when I visited Naples for a week on my travels last year. It was one of those drawings that made me realise how my abilities had improved as I was able to draw a figure free hand without drawing from a photo. (though I can definitely see how I still need so much practice drawing hands and feet 😛 )

Belle 2014

Most recently, I’ve been trying to invent my own characters.

Elle 2015
Elle 2015

I haven’t thought of a story for Elle, but she is definitely a confident, witty young woman from the early 1900s, seeking adventure and the chance to make her own mark on the world.

There is still a lot of practice to be done until I will feel totally confident at drawing people, even then there will always be room to improve. However, I can see progress, and it goes to show that when anyone puts there mind to something they are passionate about, they can achieve their goals.


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