Illustration Escapades of 2015 – A handmade sketchbook

Well it’s been a while! I can assure you though, I have not been unproductive in the creative department.

I started off the New Year by making a brand new sketchbook from some scraps of some fabric my Mum had used for cushion covers years ago, and the card board backs from some of my old wire-bound sketch books. I needed a new sketchbook anyway, and making one is a great way of up-cycling some materials that may otherwise be thrown away. Plus any opportunity to be creative and crafty is a good one right?


The purpose of this sketchbook is purely indulgence. No rules, no deadlines, I am totally free to draw anything! Its the sketchbook that travels with me everywhere I go (along with an over-stuffed pencil case), to be there whenever I have an idea or inspiration, or simply an urge to draw. Having that one sketchbook that goes with me everywhere, is also pretty effective in ensuring that I do keep practicing, having a lack of materials on hand can then never be an excuse for not drawing.

The first sketch on the first page was inspired by animals, this time meerkats. They are an animal that I never fail to visit at the zoo, they are so inquisitive and clever and have such great expressions.


Of course, that is not all I have done this year, but I’ll reveal some more in another post later this week.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. The binding I used is a Japanese style bookbinding which is surprisingly simple, but makes the book strong and durable, and allows the book to open up flat which is ideal for a sketchbook. The link to the Youtube tutorial can be found here 


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