Back into Blogging

Sorry for the long absence. This last year has been crazy, I cannot believe how quick time has flown!

Study Update

I successfully completed my degree with straight A’s through the entire final year. I was quite pleased with my finished work. Well… I say finished, I do think I could do a lot more to get the board game to publishing stage, but I decided when I finished the degree I would take a break for a while before picking the project up again. And I still might.

For Zonta

For those of you who are new to my blog and are wondering which project I am referring too, The Loooong Overdue Blog Post and Some Character Sketches are two posts that should explain further 🙂

The time I went travelling

After my graduation in March, I embarked on an incredible three month trip to Europe to visit family and friends, and explore parts of Italy, France, Spain and Poland. It was one of the best (and at times, scariest) things I have done in my life and I cannot wait to go travelling again.

Although I haven’t gotten stuck into any projects, I haven’t neglected my art. I drew whatever I felt like while I was away, whether it be my Uncle’s Squirrels, Tigers, a scene at a park in Milan… I even went through a mouse phase. It was quite freeing just drawing for the fun of it really.

That’s all for tonight I think. I will finish with a few of my sketches from the past couple of months. I won’t leave it so long before my next blog post, so until next time… Ciao!


The Mouse Phase
Squirrels in Uncle Bob's Garden
Squirrels in Uncle Bob’s Garden
Lunchtime in a park, Milan
Lunchtime in a park, Milan

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