The Loooong Overdue Blog Post!

Just days off 3 months since my last blog post… clearly I need to be more disciplined with updating my page 😛

Still I am here now, and I suppose it is time I prove that my lack of blog activity does not reflect the amount of work I have been doing on my artistic pursuits.

Go Native – The Board Game 

Hours of work and a heck of a lot of paint later, I have finished all of the painted elements (native animal and pest characters, native trees and landscapes) for the game… well I say finished, there are still heaps of native animals I would LOVE to paint as characters but with hand in just 4 weeks away (and counting) there just isn’t time with everything else I have to complete for the game before then.

Some of the natives and pests
Some of the natives and pests
(Left to right, top to bottom) Tane Mahuta, Cathedral Cove, Mt Taranaki, Lake Wanaka

Now I have all the painted elements and they’re all scanned onto computer, I have finally made good progress on arranging the actual game track. Initially I was going to draw and paint the track by hand, scan it on etc. but I felt trapped by this method because there wasn’t any room to play with the track shape and route. So after a talk with tutors I decided I would build the track from numbers so I could still move things around and arrange all of my animals and trees without being restricted by path.


As well as my regular path, I am also planning on incorporating a second path, The Rocky Road, that will hold more danger and reward than the main path. For this I have taken inspiration from Shem Phillips of Garphill Games (whose board games are often made from separate tiles that players can use to construct their own board during game-play) and decided to design track tiles so players can build their own Rocky Road (almost as if they were on a bush-walk and decided to go off the Beaten track.

Kaka Bird

I should also mention, that it was at this point I decided to create a colour palette  that I could use across everything I design (cards, instructions, packaging). I really liked the oranges, blues and soft greens in my Kaka bird, so I picked swatches of colour from his plumage.

For hand in I need to finish arranging my track, design and instruction booklet, cards, Rocky Road tiles and packaging.

Special Topic – Litter Botany of New Zealand

In my last post A Productive Week I posted a sample of the plants I had drawn that were made from discarded pieces of litter. Since then I have completed the project with the finished poster including 9 litter-made New Zealand native plants. I along with my classmates exhibited our posters at Parliament in Wellington for an exhibition called Here Tomorrow. I’ll probably upload an image of the finished poster later, I can’t find the file at the moment… it is somewhere in the mess of folders on my hard drive.

During the project I kept in touch with Keep New Zealand Beautiful who expressed an interest in my project after I enquired about litter statistics way back at the start of the year. I kept them up-to-date with the poster progress and they kept me in the loop about current goings-on in their bids to launch litter campaigns. They also put me in touch with a contact at my local council, so last week I met with them to discuss projects and strategies to make people more aware of the effects of littering and to clean up the local area.

It’ll be interesting to see where this all takes me 🙂

It’s actually scary but exciting to think that I am unbelievably close to finishing my degree (where has 3 years of my life gone!), it’s hard to believe that it has been 3 years since I was thinking the same thing about finishing High School. And to think I never believed my parents when they told me years get faster as you get older…

Well, I think that’s all for now. I’ll try to update again sooner than 3 months time.

See ya!


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