You Reap What you Sow (Litterally) – Special Topic Concept Change


It feels like its been aaaages since I last posted, buts its only been 2 weeks! Still, I would like to try and post once a week if I can.

But anyway, I’m here now which is the main thing.

I feel like I am pretty on to my work at the moment, which is great and on the most part I am pleased with what I am producing. Last week was a little stressful when my tutors both decided that I should change the image concept for my Sustainability (Littering) poster. Instead of the four posters of four iconic New Zealand trees that I had already drawn and scanned onto computer (the posters can be seen in past posts: Sustainability – Special Topic and The Roots of the Trees – Special Topic updateI have now been asked to pick up a concept I came up with way back at the beginning of the year in which I draw iconic New Zealand Plants made up of the remnants of litter.

Cigarette Pohutukawa

The day this was suggested, I was having a day of artists block where no matter how much I sat and stared between my paper and the images of plants, I could not muster up enough creativity and imagination to come up with more litter-built plants. A week on however, I got them done.

Top Left – Manuka, Top Right – Pohutukawa
Bottom Left – Karaka, Bottom Right – Kowhai

These are four of the 9 I have done. I redrew the Pohutukawa because I didn’t like the ring pull leaves on the original, I think the shards of soda can work better. The final Poster will allude to old botanical drawings, like those by Joseph Banks, the botanist on board Captain Cooks ship.

I also had fun with the names, my tutor and I looked up the Latin name for all of the plants and then added in the types of litter that make up each particular plant. For example Metrosideros excelsa (Pohutukawa) is now Metrosid-cigaretteros aluminium excels.

The finished and coloured poster will be kept under wraps until the Sustainability exhibition in September , but I will keep you up-to-date with the exhibition progress and any changes that happen before that.

But that is it for now!

Over and Out 🙂

P.S. Excuse the pun in the title, I really could not resist 😛


5 thoughts on “You Reap What you Sow (Litterally) – Special Topic Concept Change

  1. Very nice idea of using trash for drawing plants 🙂
    If only we had some machine for converting art into science, half environmental problems of Earth would disappear right now 🙂

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