Licence to Paint! (By Hand)

The most daunting thing about my leap into the design world this year is the prospect of using digital media. I am a traditional girl, I like using pencil and paint and making a mess and the thought of trying to learn how to paint digitally as well I do by hand felt like it would take a lot of long hours and hard work.

You may remember my Happy Pukeko painting from a few weeks back? and the digitally edited version alongside it? Personally I preffered the result of the untouched (just scanned in) hand painted version and I wasn’t the only one of that opinion. So after a conversation with my design tutor, I have finally been allowed to paint every one of my characters and every other element of the board game by completely by hand!!! That way I will only be adjusting the game path and arranging all the elements on computer.

I spent the day today with a pallette of paints and my paintbrushes. 3 hours later, these little guys made an appearance! This is my Kakapo character, again I am thinking of a name…


The trick is, of course to keep my painting style consistent over all of my characters, but this should hopefully not be a problem.

I feel like my project is really progressing so… YAY! 🙂

Have a good one!


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