Sustainability – Special Topic

I am doing 2 papers this year, one being the Body of Work (Conservation Board Game) and the other being Special Topic. Sustainability is the collective theme for everyone doing the third year Special Topic paper this year, and each of us choose an area of sustainability and design a series of posters/artwork/photography that will make people aware of that particular area.

I chose the issue of poor waste management because it is an issue that has always concerned me and an issue that is becoming increasingly bad in the area I live in. I have posted some photos below that I took just 5 – 10 minutes from Whitireia Polytechnic, along Porirua Harbour.

Plastic fantastic

Sea Monster

Litter and discarded waste is an eyesore, but more than that, it can take decades, even centuries to decay and can be harmful to both humans and animals. In the UK the RSPCA receives over 7000 calls a year about animals with litter related injuries.

Chemicals from waste can also leach into the soil and can affect the crops and plants we grow, which will in turn affect humans and animals that live off the produce of the land. This is that angle I am going down for my poster design, the idea that the real concern with litter management lies beneath the surface of the earth. These are a couple of poster developments I plan to work with.

Beneath the Surface – Harakeke

Beneath the Surface – Pohutukawa

The trees I have used are native to New Zealand, I plan on doing 2 more designs with different trees for a series of 4 posters.

I’m also trying to think up a catchy slogan for the posters that hints towards a “Beneath the Surface” theme.


5 thoughts on “Sustainability – Special Topic

  1. Love your project Laura 🙂 Danielle and I had lunch along by the harbour earlier in the year and watched at least two-three rats all over the litter… we stopped eating lunch there…

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