Some Character Sketches – Third year Body of Work

Now that I have finished the blogging assignment I am completely free to update you all with whatever I fancy about my life in the arty world! (Not that I wasn’t adding posts under my own steam before, but you know… it feels more free now I haven’t got set posts looming for assignments 🙂 )

This post is to give you an update on the work I have been doing for my third year Body of Work. I am focusing on New Zealand conservation with the goal to design a board game that will educate people about the importance of protecting New Zealands native animals and plants. Lately I have been doing some little character developments of NZ’s native animals and some pests that threaten them.

New Zealand Pukeko
New Zealand Pukeko

Pukekos are my absolute favourite New Zealand bird, they are such characters. They have beautiful blue plumage with a red beak and long red legs. I think if I were a bird, I’d be a pukeko, fairly tall and clumsy on my feet.

Greedy Rabbits

Sealions 4

Sealions 1

Sealions are another favourite of mine, theres something about the way they look so regal and yet constantly grumpy. They remind me of my dog Nero (a Mastiff-Labrador cross) because he also has that constantly displeased expression.

I will be experimenting with painting and digitally colouring these wee characters, I will upload these when I have done.

As far as my sketch style goes I am HUGELY influenced by Disney and the way they are just so good at  achieving such personality in their characters through their facial expressions, especially in  their animal characters.  And yes, I will be referencing Disney in my third year Body of Work, any excuse to give me valid reason to watch Disney movies as “Homework” 😛

Anyway, thats all from me for now. Catch you guys later!


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