The Art of Blogging for Self-Promotion

If used well, blogging can be really effective in promoting yourself to a global audience.

In my time as a blogger I have noticed a number of ways people promote themselves through blogs.

Keeping a wide presence on more than one website can be very helpful in reaching a variety of readers i.e. have a Facebook page, Tumblr, Pinterest, deviantART … (there are waaay too many to list, but the point is the more sites you promote yourself through, the more people you reach)

Another key is to be really disciplined in updating your blog. Set yourself a task to update your blog say once a week. Post a photo, or a drawing, or just let your followers know what you’ve been up to or thinking about. Whatever you do, keeping your blog updated regularly will stop your current followers getting bored and may even lead to more followers. I know I have featured Simple Drawings About Things that Happen but this blogger is a great example of someone who has made a promise to herself and her followers that she will post one new blog/drawing about her life each week. She also has a Facebook page under the same title, so she uses more than one website.

If, like me, you are using your blog to promote yourself as an artist, I think it is important that you keep your updates strictly about your art life, I doubt followers that are following for your artistic updates are going to want to read about your latest life-drama… or maybe they will… but for me, my art is often a means of escaping the dramas of life, so I will treat my blog the same 🙂

Following, liking and commenting on other people’s blogs can also attract more followers. They make other bloggers aware that you exist and might encourage them to at least take a peek at what you’re blogging about. Of course, if you are going to leave a comment, it is wise not to say something like “Hi! Come visit my blog” try something more like this “Your work is amazing, I love how you give your characters a real sense of personality” or something along those lines. You could even try featuring the blog, certainly on WordPress, if you feature someone, they are notified, and they may even return the favour.

Most blog sites, allow you to use tags to link you to topics your blog post talks about. For anyone who doesn’t know, tags are just keywords that are relevant to the blog post and make it easier for people to stumble upon your blog. For example I will probably use tags such as Facebook, DeviantART, blogging and promotion because I have mentioned all of these in this post.

Wow! long post… but I hope it can be useful to other bloggers and I hope these techniques work for me 😛


Happy Blogging!


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