Just a few of the Many Amazing Illustrators on Wordpress

Hi Guys!!!

So today I am going to showcase some fellow blogging-illustrators whose work I find inspiring, fun and beautiful.

First up: Joshua Stanley Images

Joshua Stanley is from Australia and has a Bachelor of Design. He uses his blog to feature his photography, digital art and illustration work.

His most recent blog theme is “An Animal A Day”, each post featuring a digital illustration of an animal, most of which are people dressed in animal costumes. They all kind of remind me of the lost boys, except of course his latest to-date… a 3 part Loch Ness Monster outfit! So much awesomeness in one blog. (http://joshuastanleyimages.com/blog/)

cartoon Loch Ness Monster by Joshua Stanley
Loch Ness Monster Part 1 by Joshua Stanley

Second: Amanda Raquel Worr

Amanda Raquel Worr is an emerging illustrator studying Children’s Illustration and Digital Illustration at George Brown College in Toronto.

She has a background in traditional illustration techniques but also produces digital works. Her illustrations feel very traditional and gestural and are often full of action and adventure. It is obvious her passion probably lies in Children’s illustration. (http://amandaraquelworr.wordpress.com/)

“A brave swimmer makes a friend” by Anamda Raquel Worr

Amanda’s blog is a document of her life as an illustrator and as a mother, with a collection of photos and some really beautiful illustrations.

Third: Simple Drawings About Things That Happen

The concept of this blog is awesome, and is something I would like to aspire to do in my own blog (time permitting).

As I am sure many of  us will relate, life is busy and it is often hard to find time to just sit down and draw. This blogger’s solution? Draw one illustration a week about something that has been on her mind, or caught her eye during that week… so essentially she is just simply illustrating her life and her thoughts.

I can see this concept being very useful in updating my blog this year 🙂 (http://simpledrawings.wordpress.com/2013/02/22/loyal-friend/)

Loyal friend
“Loyal Friend” by Simple Drawings About Things That Happen

Her illustrations are simple, traditional and very cute, and they address issues and thoughts that occur to many people everywhere. And, of course the above illustration is my favourite of hers. Why? Because it is a tribute of her love for her dog.

Fourth: Matt Lolli Illustration and Design

Matt Lolli’s illustrations remind me of tattoo art and comic book art in the way that they are stylised and are often heavily outlined.

A lot of his works are drawn by hand with pencil, then with ink pen and then touched up in illustrator. He sells his art through a site called Society6 (http://society6.com/which prints his works onto clothing, iphone cases and laptops, as well as canvas prints and wall art.

In his blog he documents his sketches, works in progress, his past print-works, art-related videos he feels may be of interest to the readers, and videos/images of the artists that he is inspired by. It gives an insight into the workings of an artist.

Matt Lolli Zombie Cyclist
“Matt Lolli Zombie Cyclist” by Matt Lolli

As I said in my post title, these are just a few of some amazing illustrators I have stumbled upon in my short time on wordpress. I am looking forward to seeing more talented artists on my WordPress journey.

In the mean time check these illustrators out, you will not be dissapointed.

Ciao 🙂


4 thoughts on “Just a few of the Many Amazing Illustrators on Wordpress

  1. Thanks for sharing these, and your blog is pretty great. I also liked your post about self promoting. My blog is pretty much about my art, so maybe you could check it out. (See what I did there?)

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